News Release

Kelley and Peltzer Promoted to ERP Posts at MGP Ingredients



ATCHISON, Kan., March 10, 2008—Robert Zonneveld, chief financial officer and vice president of finance at MGP Ingredients, Inc. (MGPI), announced the promotions of George Kelley, Jr. and Jennifer Peltzer to the company's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) staff. Kelley has been appointed ERP business manager. Peltzer has assumed the new position of ERP system manager.

The ERP system's fundamental purpose is to provide MGPI with the ability to enhance the timeliness and availability of information related to product manufacturing, sales, distribution and related activities across all areas of the company. The system improves efficiency and productivity to reduce waste, decrease operating expenses, and improve inventory control and capital deployment.

"Through proper implementation and utilization of our ERP system, the company can increase operational efficiencies, respond more rapidly to changing markets, streamline supply chain operations and share information more effectively, while strengthening overall internal collaboration," Zonneveld said. "We have truly put in place a dream team to manage this system," he added. "We have brought together skill sets in these two individuals that will help us pave the way to truly implement a 'One Stop Shop.' George knows how the business works from the operational side, and Jennifer brings knowledge of the system and how we can make the system work for us. Through their combined knowledge and leadership, we can bring home the benefits of the system, with the end result of providing a useful tool for the users."

Kelley's principal responsibilities include leading the standardization of business processes throughout the company, as well as managing the ERP internal customer service functions. He will also be responsible for ensuring that the overall goals of the system are achieved.

"I am excited about the opportunity to work with the ERP core team to move the process forward," said Kelley. "The team has worked extremely hard with this system since it was launched in 2004, and I want to support their efforts. We will give MGPI an Enterprise Resource Planning system that provides a return on our investment."

Kelley joined MGPI in 1995 as a protein and starch dryer operator. He later was promoted to assistant protein and starch production manager in 1996. Kelley became protein and starch production manager one year later. In 2003, he was promoted to protein and starch plant manager. Kelley also has been instrumental in evaluating the various processes of the protein and starch facilities to further the company's continuous improvement efforts.

Peltzer's primary responsibilities include managing the system software, as well as establishing procedures within the system to implement the business processes. She will be responsible for coordinating, and testing of all software changes, while in return training staff.

"I am excited that we have successfully implemented the ERP system for the first phase, but moving forward we want to reach more users and internal customers to better utilize the system in identifying improved efficiencies," said Peltzer. "This is a system for the entire company."

Peltzer joined MGPI in 1992 as a lab technician after graduating from the University of Kansas with a bachelor of science degree in business administration. She later was promoted to quality lab assurance coordinator. In 2006, Peltzer was promoted to quality assurance laboratory manager. She has been an active member of the ERP core team for three years, representing the quality department, which has equipped her with outstanding experience to utilize in her new position as ERP system manager.