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Benefits of MGP's Fibersym RW as Dietary Fiber Source Continue to Add Up


ATCHISON, Kan., June 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The health-related benefits of MGP's Fibersym® RW, an RS4 resistant wheat starch, continue to become increasingly evident. Results of an extensive study conducted at South Dakota State University (SDSU), Brookings, S.D., show that a diet enriched with Fibersym RW, which performs like a prebiotic fiber, can lower blood cholesterols and improve body composition. These findings suggest this unique ingredient's use as a plausible tool in the comprehensive management of metabolic syndrome (MetS), which is defined as a cluster of heart attack and cardiovascular disease risk factors, including diabetes/prediabetes, abdominal obesity, dyslipidemia and hypertension.

Involving 86 participants, the study examined the effects of a diet of food products containing a blend of 70 percent regular wheat flour and 30 percent Fibersym RW versus the effects of a control diet of similar products formulated with 100 percent regular wheat flour. The consumption of Fibersym RW enriched products by participants judged to have metabolic syndrome resulted in a lowering of all types of cholesterol, including a 7.2 percent reduction in mean total cholesterol and a 5.5 percent reduction in non-HDL cholesterol. Additionally, individuals judged not to have metabolic syndrome and who were fed a diet of products containing Fibersym RW over the same timeframe had a 2.6 percent smaller waist circumference and 1.5 percent lower body fat at the conclusion of the study. The research using Fibersym RW was carried out in a free-living community style environment where minimal modifications were made to the participants' habitual diet.

Results of the SDSU study, titled "Resistant starch type 4-enriched diet lowered blood cholesterols and improved body composition in a double blind controlled cross-over intervention," were collected, analyzed and interpreted over a period of nearly one year. They have been published in the June 2014 print and online editions of the scientific journal, Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, and are also available for viewing at The study was performed by Moul Dey, Ph.D., and several colleagues in SDSU's Department of Health and Nutritional Sciences, College of Nursing, and Ethel Austin Martin Program in Human Nutrition.

"Functional food ingredients incorporating resistant starch in daily meals can potentially contribute to a long-term healthier dietary lifestyle," Dr. Dey said. "The recent study results are interesting in several ways, but most importantly they suggest that the health benefits of this type of RS4 starch are achievable in real life environments."

Previously compiled data have demonstrated Fibersym RW's effectiveness in blood glucose and insulin control, caloric reduction and the production of beneficial and energy-yielding metabolites through colonic fermentation. Scientific evidence for these physiological effects can be found in a number of studies conducted by several universities, including the University of Toronto, Kansas State University, and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, in collaboration with MGP.

"We are very excited about these newest findings from the South Dakota State University study," said Mike Lasater, MGP's vice president of ingredient sales and marketing. "They not only complement, but add even more credence to prior studies demonstrating the value of Fibersym RW as a truly effective dietary fiber source. For our existing and potential customers, we are grateful for the opportunity to provide them with additional information about how this superb ingredient can help them achieve their health and wellness product development objectives."

For some time, the consumption of dietary fiber has been associated with various perceived health benefits. Fibersym RW delivers a minimum of 85 percent total dietary fiber and has applications in a wide range of bakery and prepared food products, including bread, muffins, flour tortillas, pancakes, waffles, breakfast cereals, cookies, pasta and noodles, crackers and other snack items. Possessing a neutral flavor, Fibersym RW is a fine white powder that can be easily blended into multiple formulations to deliver desired taste and visually appealing qualities.

Additional details about Fibersym RW can be obtained by accessing the company's website,, or by calling 866-547-2122.

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