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Adam Bremer Appointed To Applications Technologist Post at MGP Ingredients

Adam Bremer Appointed To Applications Technologist Post at MGP Ingredients

ATCHISON, Kan., January 22, 2008—Ody Maningat, Ph.D., vice president of applications technology and technical services at MGP Ingredients, Inc. (MGPI), announced that Adam Bremer has joined the company as an applications technologist. Bremer's principal responsibilities will focus on MGPI's textured protein technology platform. This platform principally consists of the company's unique Wheatex® line of textured wheat proteins, which are produced for use in the manufacture of high quality vegetarian products and meat extension applications.

"Adam is a welcome addition to our applications group, as we bring increased focus and to further enhancing the value of one of our most promising lines of specialty ingredients – Wheatex®," Dr. Maningat said. "He is an enthusiastic individual with outstanding people skills. We are counting on Adam to have an immediate and positive impact as we provide customer-focused solutions and drive peak performance of the Wheatex® ingredient technology platform."

In his new position, Bremer will support the company's sales & marketing team in addressing customer initiatives. He will assist in developing and commercializing new textured protein ingredients. Bremer will also perform product application/formulation work at the company's Technical Innovation Center to provide solutions to customer-based projects, as well as assisting customers with product development and manufacturing initiatives.

Bremer is a native of Olathe, Kan., and a graduate of Kansas State University, Manhattan, where he received a bachelor's degree in food science in December 2007. Bremer previously gained professional experience in food science as an undergraduate research assistant at KSU.