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MGPI Employees Reach Milestones

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ATCHISON, Kan., April 21, 2008—MGP Ingredients, Inc. (MGPI) recently recognized four employees for reaching milestones in years of service to the company. Two individuals, Edgar "Bud" Hanny (top photo, right) and Steve Wilson, Sr., (top photo, left) were honored, each for devoting over 40 years of employment to MGPI. Ray Scott (bottom photo, right) and Elizabeth Montgomery (bottom photo, center) were awarded for 30 years of service. These four individuals are among 46 current MGPI employees with thirty or more years of service to the company.

"This outstanding achievement by these individuals is a true representation of how we do business at MGP Ingredients," said Tim Newkirk (bottom photo, left), MGPI president and chief executive officer. "These employees have demonstrated remarkable longevity to the company. I congratulate each of them on their continued commitment and dedication to MGPI."

Hanny began at MGPI on August 9, 1966, working in the company's quality control lab while completing studies at Benedictine College. After receiving a bachelor of science degree in business administration from the college in 1969, he spent one year on a research project related to the company's distillery operations. He then joined the company's accounting staff and was named assistant office manager. In 1975, Hanny was promoted to accounting manager. He was also named office manager at that time, a post he held for seven years. In 1984, he assumed additional responsibilities as data processing manager, which he held for eight years. In 2003, Hanny was promoted to controller and information systems director. He currently serves as the plant controller of the Atchison facility.

"It doesn't seem like 42 years, but in that time at MGPI I have met and worked with a number of really great people," said Hanny. "I think this has made the time go by quickly. It's good to work for a company that takes pride in their personnel's long service and experience and at MGPI we are fortunate to have many employees with longstanding service."

Wilson started with the company on May 25, 1968 as a laborer. In 1972, he moved to a position in the distillery still house operations. Two years later, Wilson became a painter's helper and was promoted to head of painting in 1976. He reached his current position of mill elevator foreman on January 12, 1987.

"The service award dinner was a complete surprise to me," said Wilson. "I am very pleased with it. The recognition was outstanding. I have worked with a lot of people here. I have seen how we have progressed as a company, and how we are moving forward for the future. This has been a great experience for me and my family."

As of April 10, Scott marked his thirty years with the company. In 1978, he began as class 4 maintenance technician. In March 1979, Scott became mechanical maintenance journeyman and has continued to serve in this capacity.

"The company has changed so much in thirty years," said Scott. "MGPI is so progressive. For example, our environmental, health and safety program has grown a great deal and reflects many other most positive developments that have occurred throughout the company."

Joining the company on November 17, 1978, Montgomery is celebrating her thirty year anniversary at MGPI. She began with the company as a switchboard operator, as well as assisting customer service in the distillery products business segment. In July 1997, Montgomery was promoted to the position of grain and feed customer service manager, a position she currently holds.

"I would like to thank all those I have worked with and who have assisted me in my work here," stated Montgomery. "I am also grateful to those who have made my days easier because of their friendship. Bud Cray, former board chairman, has often said 'this is a family,' and I would always say, 'yes, it really is.' You are here most of your life with these people and, like family, you get constructive feedback. And for that, I thank everyone, and am also grateful to God. May He continue to protect and bless this company."